So we have the Russian Federation’s list of banned so-called “extremist” materials. And as of yesterday, now we have the Singerman list- that is mostly English material. I’m continuing to construct a bibliography of material that would be banned here if it were translated. And I just discovered that Goodreads itself is what I call “Arabic Goodreads”, because I find some books there by typing in the Arabic word for “Talmud”. I’m recurrently perplexed realizing the “avant garde” nature of some MENA publications. I shit you not, I get that impression frequently, and it’s always a counter-intuitive feeling because of how our perception of them has been shaped by their enemies. They’re at a further level of “progress” than us. Never would’ve expected that in a million years, right? I don’t expect many people to agree with me (because they’re living in the past). Alright, who wants to start a seastead in the Med and cruise around talking to people from different countries? “Don’t let your dreams be dreams.” Anyway, this one is getting all sorts of glowing reviews. And note how some of these books have links to those wonderful “lists” that Goodreads is known for (I love them at least). How did the word “nerd” get associated with Marvel movies anyway? Please stop appropriating my culture. I digress. So, a good population of the world has a sacred book that talks about the kind of stuff I do that makes me a pariah here? I’m finding multiple books with the words “Talmud” and “Protocols” in the title – just a coincidence that there are so many coincidences between the two – maybe the writers of the Protocols could read the Talmud? Due to the stigma I might just stop referring to the Protocols and talk about the “Talmud” from now on.

Serious talk- if people of the MENA world want to save themselves from the menace, they will make haste to create a site like Russia’s litmir and upload all the “best” books on there. Litmir instantly translates the texts. If you want your fellows to stop being bombed, that’s the quickest way to do that.

That last linked-to writer looks extremely interesting

Besides that book,

Time to eat hummus and wish I was part of Hamas.

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