Why aren’t there women like this

Nah, I know you’re out there. Have I been too dehumanizing to you in the past? I wish I was sorry. You could probably be a better paleontologist than me given that I can’t relate to that mindset at all. I have to use the powers of imagination. People judging you for what you are. I mean, they weren’t wrong for the most part, can you face that directly? It’s true, we used you as a means to an end for millennia in order to preserve and increase the population. Men have been means to an end too, I guess you just want a nobler role in society. You are what you are, you can only be as noble as what you are. We exist in history, we’re still entwined with Hillary’s loss. Do you really need to have that power? -resounding “YES!”- Can’t you just be happy advancing from an illiterate housewife to a cultured housewife? “NO!” I’m sure you don’t me to mansplain to you that I really don’t think Hillary would’ve been good for society, as a symbol (I’m sure her policies would’ve been malignant too). They’re trying to change our perception of reality. You can change that, and that doesn’t mean that reality is going to change. Hillary winning would’ve had the psychological effect of making us see women as equals, or “more equals”. And that’s just a deception to see the world that way. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m being respectful by being honest. Women are gossipers. There are SOME exceptions. Not many, at all. If you’re a gossiper you have trivial thoughts a lot of the time. That’s not someone I’m going to see as an equal. If the Hillary psyop had worked it would’ve meant seeing trivial thoughts as equally valid to non-trivial thoughts. I’m never gonna get laid! I tell you this anyway because I care about society. How about this? You study the Pale and give me your unique perspective on it and if you strike me as profound then maybe I’ll warm up to the idea of women being in politics.

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