Oh this is going to be good

When I was a teenager I never would’ve expected that learning about the TWELVE FORTIES could be more entertaining than going to the movie theatre or something (or even touching boobs apparently). Why did you have to make those blood-boiling, punctuationless walls of texts, Collen Ryan, why?

It was a “Shamir” that was responsible for this trial. I wonder what could’ve led him to betray his coethnics and abandon his religion?

Why didn’t the Pope follow the French in prohibiting the Talmud, why was he so nice in only demanding it be expurgated, was he corrupt like the pope of today?

This was about 300 years after the Radhanites’ home-base was burned to the ground. Did some of them flee to France?

In the parallel universe that is China is there someone who tries to understand the migrations of the Hakka as thoroughly as I do in this universe? If not, why not, given that the 客家 are responsible for more deaths than the жиди (that we know of)?

This source at least claims they arrived in Europe in the 10th and 11th centuries, so that lines up with the dissolution of Khazaria. They must have thought of Sviatoslav while studying the Talmud, stewing in bitterness, and seeing France as another Egypt, another Babylon, populated by “not-us”. That must be tough, explaining to children why you’re exiled from your homeland. That itself must have been one of the key factors that have resulted in such a fierce hatred of goyim, all the lies they have to tell them- “We didn’t do anything to deserve it!” I.e. putting all the blame on “not-us”, must really affect a kid. That’s a really sensitive subject (we’re used to that here though aren’t we) – in other words, what’s the implicit idea behind needing to be pro-Israel? It’s that goyim are monsters for them even needing to create a new Israel in the first place. To such a degree that it’s controversial to say “It’s okay to be white.” All of this ethos revolves around the 109. P. S. what’s the gematria of this number? Qabbalists or Kabbalists, which one to trust?

Back to 1240 though – alternative perspectives? You don’t hear much about that these days

Alternative perspectives? That’s andysumitic! – a reaction that is a clear sign that we’re not living in a Christian country.

Z-library doesn’t have the book I showed the chapters for earlier today

Curiously, the trial and condemnation of the Talmud have not been the focus of an extended monograph in English.

There’s a Heeb take on it from 1970- התלמוד בראי הנצרות: היחס לספרות ישראל שלאחר המקרא בעולם הנוצרי בימי הביניים (500 – 1248)

And a French one from the 90s titled Le brûlement du Talmud à Paris: 1242-1244, neither of which are easy to find online. Some info about this one here. “What did you do during your twenties, grandpa?” “Illegal genealogy.”

This is from a papal letter related to this trial

For not content, as we have heard, with the old Law, which the Lord gave in writing through Moses, indeed completely neglecting the same, they maintain that the Lord also proclaimed another law, which is called the Talmud…

Remember a few posts of mine where I talk about the Quran being an “update” of Judaism and Christianity in certain ways? The Talmud can be seen in a similar light. The Talmud was put together between 500-700AD, while Muhammad had his revelations in the early 600s. One reinforced usury, the other condemned it – which one was right? “Who’s getting bombed right now? That’s who wasn’t right.” I mean, you can interpret the world in that way if you want.

Maybe the Pope was right

we might expand our sense of the papal indictments to include the very nature of the Talmud as an unwarranted replacement for the genuine divine revelation in the Written Torah, its false teachings, and its offensive teachings.

The Old and New Testament peoples could’ve lived in harmony without the Talmud, and here we are today, isn’t it grand, having Holocaustianity as more divine than either Testaments. Let’s all try to start fresh how bout? WW2 meant questionably justified forgiveness for the Hyksos, and a questionable eternal guilt-trip for the whites who were gracious enough to be their hosts for centuries. Let’s start fresh. Hello Mr. Cohen of the CIA, you answer to me now, or we jointly run it, sounds fair to me. No, of course not, because we still have to pay for the 109 for some reason. -cups hand to ear- So tell me about that. -incoherent screeching- Really people who should be in power. Let’s start fresh, you end the white hate, I end the jew hate. Do you want to psychologically live in the Pale forever?

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