Still trying to find the exact details for why Donin pulled a Hodos

Louis IX ordered four of the most distinguished rabbis of France—Jehiel of Paris, Moses of Coucy, Judah of Melun, and Samuel ben Solomon of Château-Thierry—to answer Donin in a public disputation. In vain did the rabbis disprove the charges of blasphemy and immorality which were the main points of Donin’s arraignment.

He disagreed with the Talmud so Jehiel told him to take a hike. 12 years later he translated what in the Talmud he found contemptible and presented them to the Pope. They didn’t have an adequate response apparently since so many Talmuds were burned as a result of the trial.

If you want to see where a good deal of their neurosis is derived from, it’s pretty obvious

“A certain one”, “the carpenter’s son”, they just didn’t like saying “Jesus”, almost similar YHWH in a sense. They do mention him directly though as well, and that’s one of the charges that was brought against them, blasphemy against that man. They denied they were talking about the Jesus of the New Testament, to which they were accused of lying. We need to bring that spirit back, to blatantly tell them they’re lying, because they continue to act that way to the present day, blatantly lying about everything. Just tell them that- “You’re lying.” That’s just their nature, and I doubt they’ll ever stop anyway. Why do they have all these neuroses that are as plain as day? Jesus has been living rent-free in their heads for thousands of years. Taunting them. Causing them to think up rationalizations. “He is not the moshiach.” And then cue the revenge on the goys for the insecurity this causes them. So, 1st world civilization, what is that anyway? Christian countries you mean? Sounds a lot like the work of a moshiach if you ask me. While I hate to “go there” it’s pretty easy to conclude that after generations of not accepting the true moshiach they are probably genetically beyond repair. We gave them every opportunity and they just couldn’t accept it, too proud, to stuck in their backward, Babylonian ways. They tell us to progress past the mindset of the 1950s while they’re still living in Babylon. The most inbred people on earth too not to mention, you can tell just by looking at some of their faces.

On one hand there’s a sense in which their piety is admirable. “We want the true moshiach.” Consequently he might be Chinese. Moshiach, Ubermensch, kind of similar. Using science developed into Christian countries to bring it about far away, alright I’ll take it. We could do it here if Hyksos had the humility to ever change their ways, which they don’t. They carry with them an ancestral stubbornness. I don’t accept Christ as the moshiach either, check the name of this website. At the same time I don’t have to whip up rationalizations about Jesus and Christians not being an improvement of Judaism and its secular varieties. Judaism was necessary, Christianity was necessary, just sound it out, it isn’t that difficult. “All the suffering from all the exiles! It has to be redeemed!” It can be, by simply not clinging to what led to those exiles in the first place. Jews prove every day that they’re not the people who know the Absolute Truth. Has all the brainwash and bribery of goys even convinced them that they were confused to not reform over the centuries? Probably. Talking to them doesn’t matter, like I said they’re walking Talmuds, the core of their being is to lie to goys, be immoral to them, and feel justified by the divine that they should do that. One solution.

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