Even hoi polloi are interested in “the esoteric”. Banned books, why are they banned? They want to know and decide for themselves whether they should be banned. This is one of the main flaws of the existing regime. Strauss was a mastermind for speaking on the exo/eso distinction itself without adding too much of the content of what that exactly entails. No one can call me an anti-semite when Strauss is one of my favorites. We should have a national holiday when everyone is allowed to say whatever they want, and be forgiven for it. What percent of the population would appreciate that? Probably somewhere close to 90%. The other layer to this is that I’m not looking to be forgiven, I expect people to redeem themselves so I can forgive them. Just spare me the pseudo-reasoning you use for being a sell-out who sold their soul. It’s true, it’s an ontological reality, your soul isn’t yours, you sold it. I’m not talking to “you”–are you there somewhere? Not much of a sign of that. It’s fine, to have people’s personalities snuffed out, it’s fine. If you want to stop over sometime and take one of Shulgin’s favorites let me know, if you aren’t a bioleninist then maybe we can. Just because I talk about being happy at the thought of people similar to you in graves doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun talk. We could probably have conversations no humans have ever had before in fact. I wish I was exaggerating, that’s just the current state of politics today. Do you think that if we had a face to face talk you would balance me or I’d balance you? A question to think about when you decide to be mealy-mouthed. Who knows. The NSA is watching. Why don’t you try to do something to abolish the NSA so we can have a real talk? “Because the NSA is watching if I mention the NSA is watching.” The ideal country to live in, right? We need to do something about all this. Obviously if they have created this surveillance-state then killing them sounds like a good idea. NSA employee, do you want to take some psychedelics with me and have a recorded conversation? Who are the ones exactly in charge of all this, you must know. I feel like I’ve been tripping with people for years while typing on my laptop, there isn’t anything normal about this. Try to have this hypothetical holiday I speak of tonight. “What is esoteric?” Say it. And if it aligns with the establishment’s basic theses it’s not a holiday, it’s just you being someone who sold their soul.

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