Good morning shiksas

How would you like to be a stah? We have a way of doin buisness around heuh. Lemme clue you into da Talmud- Vuhrgen Mary is a hor. Dat’s da form-in-itself of goy women to us.

Google imaging Weinstein is so sad, so many pictures of him with his walker. They’re in on it too. We don’t like an eminent producah of our movies havin a bad name! They might wondah if there are more of us walkin talmuds behind the scenes.

Any yids care to remark on the intersection of Hollywood, the Pale, and the Talmud?

I wonder what this sacred book of theirs can tell us about the trillion dollar film industry that shapes all our perceptions.

Lots of food for thought in this statement alone

Jesus redeems humanity from Adam’s original sin

Religion is kind of like a scaffold in our secular time. It helped create the people alive today before it was removed from the picture. And yet if you look closely you will see that it was necessary in creating the people to be the way they are.

It’s a world-historical “dupe” that for hundreds of years Christians believed that the Torah was the only authority of the Hebrews who lived among them. The history of business generally would be vastly different if Christians had always known about the Talmud. Old books are still alive today. They hide in flesh and blood. If a certain people wants to reinforce their sacred idea that the goy woman-in-itself is a lowly hor I wouldn’t mind if that blood was spilled. That’s like using a shitty book that you closed halfway through in place of firewood. If it was legal, I’d probably set a person on fire if they tried to propagate the sorts of ideas one finds in the Talmud. Maybe it won’t matter if it’s legal one day if most of the military has hors for daughters. They probably won’t be too happy, because that would mean that when they’re old and liver-spotted their grandchildren probably won’t be much to be proud about, that’s what you get with hors. This is a humor website, don’t worry, I’m not literally calling for another shoah, never never. Even if they had a monopoly only on Hollywood, it would justify ten times the anti-semitic writings that I’ve created. Unfortunately, they monopolies on lots more than only Hollywood, and the Talmud shows in all of them.

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