A Talmud from 1870s Poland, probably a genealogical necessity

It’s the only way to really know

You know how the Druze have color-coded scripture? You probably need another book external to the Talmud to understand the Talmud.

Just for starters, I think of this statement on Rabbi Ginzburg’s chabadpedia page

This is not one of those Brazilian tribes I like to post pictures of. They snort yopo, that’s the extent of their religion. Nonetheless, I’m wearing safari gear and binoculars while studying these people. While I hate to invoke the reptile trope, there IS something about them that reminds me of reptiles, their secrecy mainly. If aliens invaded earth and wanted to blend in they’d be just as secretive and deceptive. The starkest example of this is when they collectively denounce the notion that there is a conspiracy (that’s part of the conspiracy). In a review of one of those Arabic books I saw yesterday someone said making people believe it’s just a conspiracy is only a testament to the conspiracy’s effectiveness. Anyone who dismisses this is just proving the Talmudists right that they’re cattle.

“The Talmud is irrelevant in our secular society.” How would you know, you don’t even know which translation to trust. Think you can say the same thing about the Dhammapada? The Odyssey? This is an incredibly peculiar book. The Druze do not run Hollywood, I don’t give a crap about them. (Okay honestly I do, gib me decoded scriptures).

Remember this, from here?

S’what we’re dealin with. Traces from the past erased that hide their psychology in the present. Know what else hides it? An equalist mindset. Do you want to understand “the screens” or not? Or are you hypnotized by them? Probably not much different from those boomers who make us sigh for staring at the TV all day. Hypnotists? What the hell you talkin about, I’m just trying to enjoy the program. It’s funny how some old people call them “programs”–yes, exactly, “programs” that program. People who genetically hate you to the core of their being programming you, sounds healthy. It’s not okay to be white – this is Talmudism. Listening to one of their screens is like listening to the Talmud on audiobook. That’s their programming. In a just world they’d be back in a Pale or dead, there’s zero doubt about it once you escape the program.

This .ru site (as expected) is a reliable source on the Talmud, i.e. the “Talmud”. Imagine if the Druze were the chief influencers of our society and they printed their five-colored books in black and white, and never mentioned anything about the colors.

Thus the necessity of having something like this from 1875

Heh, no thanks

You can see some of what they remove by looking up Кунтрас-Лемалот-Хисранот-Гамас.

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