Looking for that kabbalistic interpretation of the Quran (which is not something a mere camel-rider could write) I stumble upon this which contains lots of bizarre theories (which is a pretty normal occurrence on the Arabic internet).

Marwan bin Muhammad – the first Arab leader to defeat the terrible empire of the Khazars

What do they know about this? Marwan II – 688-750. Looking up “Khazaria” in Arabic I find a review of a Russian book that alleges that in the year 802 a certain rabbi Abbadi led merchants out of Persia and convinced the ruling-class Khazars to convert to Judaism.

So… do I even have to say it?

Looking at the dates I don’t think either the Arabs or the Khazars won those wars. Guess who did? Dat’s right, the Radhanites. My question is, why did they leave Persia? Nothing left to plunder? Exiled?

This was going on a bit earlier in history

In 651 Muslims took control of Persia. They must have fled north. They managed to fend off the Muslims to the south until the 960s when the Ukrainians north of them scattered them to the winds. Easy to see why there’d be so much goy-hate in the Talmud. It’s a religion of survival. A book like that isn’t written by a people that feels secure. Christ’s love attracts a people that is living in peace. Jews have had to sleep with one eye open, living in countries where people don’t share their beliefs. It wasn’t like that for Christians, hence they’re a high-trust people. Both sets of beliefs are self-reinforcing too. The ones who have to sleep with one eye open do things that make them potentially be perceived as guilty. So basically they teach their youth to hate the goys, and the goys end up hating them for this. See the confusion, the cycle? Now all goys are taught to hate themselves for hating the Jews for hating the goys for hating the Jews for hating the goys, etc. Biden talking about “healing” is hot air next to these subjects being brought up. The cycle of hate will continue unless they are, and they won’t be.

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