Asking MENA about the Pale, they phrase it in a way that Slavs are probably too proud to

Speaking of too proud, I can only find that one book on the Kabbalistic interpretation of the Quran among Arabic speakers. Sounds like something they should think more about, if you ask me.

What is this about? From a Persian page

It’s about the different interpretations of Solomon. Maybe the Muslims knew him better?

I keep seeing the charge that the Talmud isn’t Revelation, that it was written by mere humans. A work of Djinn, so to speak?

I had the most disgusting lunch, it ruined my day. “Good!” How about you make me lunch? Either that or they’re beaming satellite rays into my brain, never mind I’m sane. The way that Frater described the qliphothic realm, of being below zero, that’s just how I’ve lived for years now. Hating humanity and at the same time needing humanity.

So anyway, reading this Arabic site what’s crystalizing for me is that Hyksos cannot both be perpetually persecuted and at the same time so smart. They’re so smart because they’ve been so wealthy, and they’ve been that way because they’ve exploited others. It’s enshrined in the Talmud, screw over the goyim. And the Christian goyim who hosted them believed “love people”. Their history of persecution is a bunch of nonsense. They were persecuted for jewing people. How does it feel to live in possibly the most jewed country in history? You liking it? With technology that’s what they’ve managed, this historical achievement. “You are jewed–and that’s a good thing!” And the dumbgoys applaud in agreement.

Just trying to parse all of this. The standard implicit narrative is that they’re persecuted out of envy. “We’re persecuted for being the smartest people!” This can be interpreted in more ways than they want you to. I’m sorry for people like Land and Alex Jones who were Esthered and have to live a life of cope. They’re the smartest because they jewed people for millennia. That’s not how I define smart. Smartness and goodness are linked ideally. And the type of intelligence that Jews have is not for the good.

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