Being in such close proximity to the “illegal zionist entity” don’t you think Persians have wondered “Where are you from? What did you do there?” Thus I’m asking them about the Pale. The first page I find discusses Bristow’s book. They also mention another book on white slavery. Apparently they were active in this “business” in France too, enough to prompt a Frenchman by the name of Londres to write this book. I love finding the kind that are instantly translated! Why didn’t we get a wall? Because NAZIS! What do these books show? That Nazis didn’t like white slavery and sex trafficking. Any possibility of a future reactionary politician will rely on the myth of nazis being “self-caused” dispelled. These kinds of books destroy what everyone believes here, it’s too easy. If that is what the Satan of our culture was against, it seems like he was a pretty good guy. And that is only one of the many charges on his list.

For the “Anglo retards” file

Are you interested in this genre, anon? An Argentinian published a trilogy in 1931. Do you really believe that Epsteinianism ended with Epstein? Only in a (((clownworld))) would things like onlyfans and tinder be perceived as socially acceptable.

Oh Solomon

What’s that, you know of some good books for me to read?

“That’s not who we are!!” It’s literally written in the Talmud that that’s who you are!

Looking around the internet on this subject I finally find a Spanish 👁️ with tons of links.

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