An Argentine by the name of Hugo Wast wrote novels fictionalizing the Protocols

The Nazis were a fan of his. Apparently there are some who aren’t fans of his because recently they’ve removed his name from a library. No bother, we can probably use him to find South American friends. I’m creating my own international conspiracy.

I’m bad at photoshop, someone should make a map

Singapore – Mahbubani
Poland – Michalkiewicz
Greece – Plevris
Brazil – Olavo
Argentina – Wast
Chile – Serrano
South Korea – Indra
China – Hongbing
Russia – Dugin
Ukraine – Hodos
Egypt – El-Messiri
Syria – Tlas
Israel – Laitman
France – Faye
India – RSS (??)

Lots and lots of eyes to find still, especially in Europe. I personally want to find an Iranian thoughtcriminal too.

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