This one’s a doozy

Didn’t Bataille have something he called a ‘sacred sociology’?

“The Quran is made up!!” Yeah totally not a historical document at the very least.

Reminds me of how the Russians have had an academic discipline known as American Studies for decades. They’re both a couple of fascists, they can’t be scientists!

Luther wrote that one infamous work on “them”, he was no Muhammad though.

We’ve been at war with them most of my life and I’m only recently wondering how they see things. I bet most of my zionist readers couldn’t give a damn.

Seems pretty true

the disbelief of the Children of Israel in the transcendent essence

Interestingly, they respect Moses and claim that Israelis disobey him.

The Quran and Talmud appeared at a similar time- if Moses had told them everything they needed to know then the Talmud wouldn’t have needed to be written.

Thou shalt not steal – they really found some loopholes in that one, huh?

At every stage, they made excuses and somehow intended to shrug off the burden of responsibility. If we are to mention all these disobediences here, we must mention the whole history of the children of Israel.

Anyone know the exact people thou shalt not have killed in the middle east in the last 20 years alone? I’ve seen some estimates it’s around 4 million?

I was wondering earlier if I had happened upon any fellow travelers from Saudi Arabia for that list, and… it looks like I’m going with Muhammad.

Wow, so they had the choice to learn from their mistakes when the Quran was written and they opted instead to reinforce their behavior with the Talmud.

More to my particular tastes I’d like to find a more secular study on these subjects in the Quran.

Once again, seems extremely accurate

In our time it’s easy to forget how profound “Scholasticism” can be

This is one of the evidences of our previous statements that we said that the children of Israel, because they believed in the originality of matter, also ruled about God in terms of matter and considered him an active being in matter.

Most things are gossip next to that statement.

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