It’s good to be alive. Even better to be alive the more conscious you are. Kind of the main point here. I try to give people a hand to pull them up that state-approved intelleckshuals do not.

What seems to be going on is that they believe that certain thoughts will harm people. The reality is that they are harmed themselves by them and so aren’t able to look at it objectively. Did you ever expect any of those caricatures of nazis we were fed all our lives to “hurt your feelings”? No, they’re inhuman, other. That’s what the blue checks weren’t expecting.

I think of a squirrel – could you ever laugh at a squirrel? Could a squirrel ever hurt your feelings? That’s what they were expecting from so-called nazis. Guess what, if your feelings were hurt then you were wrong about the world and probably have never admitted it and continue to propagate your delusions. All the different bioleninists have some learning to do. You’re not going to learn from a state-approved person, you’re only going to be soothed. I’m literally here, spending my precious time before I die, trying to help you. Revenge is the most frequent reaction. From moron white males as much as the rest of them, make no mistake. Do you want to be a monkey forever? If not then try not to feel vengeful. Instead of trying to be like people like me, 9/10 times they will have the impulse to hate what they aren’t. You’re not going to evolve that way. And all of our society is currently based on this. Monkeys hating what they aren’t. You don’t have to be a monkey. The more conscious you are, the better it is to be alive, that is the kind of advice I try to give you. Most can’t hear it. They identify with the overlords who aren’t much different from this. “We hate our host society instead of trying to learn from them!” Why are you here in the first place, tell me. That’s right, because you’re a monkey. Do what I say instead of being bitter about it. Freedom from the animal state is theoretically possible. “What do you say?” When you feel like revenge is rising in your soul, say to yourself, No, I’m not going to be like that. Get rid of your retard friends and read good books in place of them. Not so easy? A monkey doesn’t have much of an attention-span. That’s where freedom is important. You are able to force yourself to be free and have the attention-span. That’s called self-awareness. Do you have that? Or do you only have the revenge of an ape with internet? Okay, get in the Pale. -aims guns at you- Monkeypeople who are only able to be vengeful against people who aren’t disgusting apes, you think you deserve more than the Pale? That’s charity, it would be better if you were dead. We were once dirt, we were once plants, we were once animals. Every step of the way depended on killing primitives like you, ape. “I’m white though!” ? Rotten with a deceptive appearance.

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