Missed this

Now I’m realizing I can use the Chinese internet to see all those studies they’ve put out that months ago I was talking about being unable to read.

I have a hunch they’re not making wee piggies over there, also. Who needs heated clothes? What’s that, Antarctica is already claimed? How about a seastead off the side of it populated by cold-resistant human mutants? It’s all possible. Say you plan to have three kids, would you be willing to use one as an experiment? It’s a yes from me. Looking at the current population, the chances of procreating shudras are very high, so it’s worth the risk in my opinion. We’ll make you perfect! You need to live in the below-zero qliphothic realm to even be able to talk about these subjects. The horrible thought- shudra CRISPR scientists… The vaishya Bill Gates being in charge, almost just as bad.

How about this? Priority number one- CRISPR a CRISPR-scientist. “I was born for this.” The father of the Übermensch.

Who knows what kinds of Chinese articles I might find from the year 2021. To find stuff I’m probably going to have to type in CRISPR with Chinese characters for various animals. This one might be extra relevant to some of you – 猴子 – monkey.

The state religion is based in the conviction that people cannot be saved. This technology changes that. You can think of it in a religious context. I suppose I’m a Calvinist in that it seems exceedingly clear that predestination is a reality and most souls are damned. CRISPR to make people moral, make people aligned with God/Reality/what have you. Obviously this is all controversial, and it doesn’t help that scientists naturally often subscribe to a morality based in physics which leads them to a type of value relativism. So in other words, the ones who will be working on CRISPR will have (from my perspective) questionable beliefs about the true and the good. That’s why you need renaissance men doing it. An ace of all trades. Wait, we don’t have any of those, that’s why we need CRISPR in the first place – see the paradox.

This is one of their main focuses over there

I can see a future where aside from having increased intelligence, creativity, and memory, we’ll have robot surgeons to flawlessly replace organs of ours through a never-ending supply of “animal grown” ones. Why aren’t people on cocaine every day? It’s unhealthy. 200 IQ, on Shulgin’d super-amphetamines, every day–plus, we can engineer humans that don’t need sleep, or only a few hours of sleep. Possibly derive energy through solar power rather than food. That way we can increase the population without worrying about starvation. Cold-resistant so we can populate the frosty regions of the globe, heat-resistant to populate the deserts. Living on the moon without a helmet somehow? Keep giving the foot-shudras futile pedicures instead of ever thinking about any of this stuff, shudra.

I envy the Chinese


The answer is, wherever the CCP wants to take them.

A recurrent theme I keep seeing on the Chinese internet is how “simple” CRISPR is.

Are their any patents related to Hakka genes? Imagine universalizing the genes of our own Anointed Ones with all their vices. That’s what I mean when I say that most can’t even unpack the implications of this technology. “You couldn’t go one post without bringing them up!?” They’re fundamentally relevant to the subject posthumanism, in multiple ways. The Nazis would’ve already used CRISPR to begin saving the world, and with our current zeitgeist it’s among the most taboo things to talk about. Speaking of genetic “experiments” going awry, that’s exactly what the Torah and Talmud have done- dysgenic scientists wrote those, creating botched mutants. The proof of this is that the standard ethos which they control is bringing about the opposite of the Übermensch. It’s exciting that the Chinese internet seems to find CRISPR exciting.

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