The difference between Marx and Nietzsche is that it’s easier to study Marx without coping. The ability to look at neech without averting one’s glance is so rare it causes me despair. A German aristocrat in the age of the plebs, I don’t know why I’m always surprised. People need CRISPR to even be able to understand him.

There aren’t as many legal restrictions in Russia

“Deaf and dumb” – we’re looking for a cure.

Arguably one can’t even understand Marx without understanding Nietzsche. Vaishyas (capitalists) have their own way of coping when thinking about Marx. No one wants to be a prole, no one wants to be bourgeois, no one wants to be an exploiter. Everyone wants to be Marx! The nature of the philosopher is what Nietzsche talks about. Marxists don’t even know what they are seeking. If all they can do is cope about the implications of Nietzsche then they are stuck in a different sort of “false consciousness”. The other irony of it is that their minds tend to be entwined with capital. They’re bound to the thinking of the proles, the bourgeois, and the exploiters. This is one of the reasons they’re not able to understand. Besides that, it’s because they’re some mixture of a prole and bourgeois themselves (i.e. dirtsoul). See? It’s easy to cope when presented with this information. They don’t know what to hate because they are the very thing itself that should be hated. It’s so taboo to talk about CRISPR because they want to believe the soul has infinite possibilities. You want to fix proles, fix women, fix browns, fix jews? This is going to be more effective than the “kindness strategy”. I’m sorry if you have to cope about the souls of the damned. Because it prevents you from actually helping them.


A new Sputnik?

And this is from Baidu

Not seeing anything like this from China though

The project was signed by Putin himself, imagine Biden doing something like that.

So sick of all the downies here. Reminds me of a synchronicity RE shudras from neech- “there are carpets upon which coarse feet cannot tread”.

Watch, the Russians are going to find a gene of Americans that makes them so stupid. Nah, “Americans”, what’s that? That’s precisely the problem, the melting pot. That’s what makes CRISPR progress so sluggish here.

Maybe there is some hope, this is from December

“I hope it’s curing the cancer of chauvinism!”

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