Sometimes it kills me to be such a dirtbag, sometimes I die with the people that I kill. There are ways to achieve equality, and not this malignant delusion of equality. Everyone would be happier if we collectively abandoned “the plan” in place, and especially me, because I’m no fan of the scowling downies and I want to ensure that future people like me don’t have to deal with them too. Ideally we’d be living in accordance with a Revelation (which I believe is possible) and instead our belief-system is based on trauma made into tacit law. It was not forged in the fires of abundance, it was created out of pain. And its origins continue to be present in the here and now. It’s based on crying and accusation, sadness and guilt. We could change it to be based on happiness and innocence, laughter and forgiveness. People don’t want a new beginning, they prefer to live in the past because it’s all they know. “You’re just trying to erase your history of oppression!” Does that even exist? It seems fabricated. All the stereotypes we’re supposedly guilty of forming policies based on continue to be true after WW2. So-called oppression is just judging people accurately for what they are. “You’ll pay for that.” It’s a transference of blame. Judged for judging, and meanwhile the ones initially judged never learn from their mistakes. It’s a very unhealthy culture. Sin is able to roam free, it’s unsustainable. There’s too much trauma to even confront these issues. Bringing them up is only followed by upping the ante on the crying and accusations, the sadness and guilt. Schindler’s List is such a curse of a movie. Everything in that orbit needs to be firmly forgotten. “The death chambers” we’re still living with that memory squarely in front of us, ever-present. A culture based on genocide and shame, how dark. Having to daily soothe a wailing yenta in a headscarf, it needs to stop, they need to wipe the tears away and cheer up. There there -whispers- they deserved it anyway. The telos of our zeitgeist is to remove all judgement until no one would ever deserve that. In the meantime we have to live amongst people who do. Sin roaming free is its own kind of death chamber.

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