Shoah? I want a sauna. Alright fine, I’ll continue the shoah. Finding a couple more books that are shedding more light on historical reconstruction of “the event of events”.

You know you’d miss me if I was gone

Which kind do you think made it to Hollywood?

I’m guessing it was the trash one, the real one. And by the looks of things in society I think that’s the kind that controls institutions besides Hollywood.

I know which kind Strauss was. What a “coincidence”.

It’s too bad that the Early Life section of wikipedia wasn’t more often specific about which kind of Jew it is. Then again, after the holocaust many of “the good ones” probably acquired a chip on their shoulder anyway. Still, anecdotally, I’ve seen some that seem moderately tolerable – maybe they share my sentiment about the Pale Jews?

Here are a couple accounts from back in the day

The [Polish Jews] are responsible for the upsurge of hatred directed at us; therefore, we are distancing ourselves from these people.

they do not know the language of the state, and therefore they evoke a justified German hatred for Jews. . . . The first and true cause of German anti-Semitism is known to all but no one dares to reveal it

The “real” Jews, i.e. the ones who were too stubborn to reflect on why they are living in a goy country in the first place, and failed to adjust. Degenerates of the Pale in power, we’re so so lucky.

Not a soul can relate to this I’m sure

some did despise Eastern Jews for representing the Judaism that embarrassed them; and some did find a bond of unity with their German neighbors by heaping contempt on foreign Jews.

They only wish they could heap on the contempt. Just goes to show which kind of Jew is boss.

I haven’t really seen many examples of Shamirs among people of my generation at least. They’re too clannish. I’ve condemned the socialistic behavior of Scandinavians on a few occasions, the “ghetto” aspects of Italians, the pushover characteristic of Anglos, I’m not sure why Jews can’t do the same with their coethnics. I’m learning about this Austrian Jewish feminist from the early 20th century too who visited the brothels of the Pale and wrote a disapproving book about the culture of the Eastern ones I’m trying to find. Where are those ones today? Seems the “anything goes” mentality after the war swept through all of Jewry. Maybe even the ones who adjusted to goy society never really lost their “real Jew” core (of being parasitic trash that should be taken out). Or there are some in hiding? They have to play the same ketman games as the goys do. You think they’re happy that the lowest of jewry is boss of them? I like to believe they’re out there anyway. It’s probably for the best to slaughter them all, just to be sure. “This is why we have to stick togetha!” The moshiach arrived two thousand years ago and you missed the boat, and it shows.

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