Forget Ashkenazim vs. Sephardim

Uh oh. What was the term Marx used? The Judel Itzig? LOL! Negro-Jew detected. Gross. How many of those are in power shaping our society? Nasty! On the other hand, how right were the Nazis to link Ostjuden and Westjuden? Looking at contemporary America…

This writer I’m drawing from is a cross between Ost and West, and he likes some of my favorite writers

These thinkers and historians seemed to be as much the incarnation of the humanist German Jewish spirit as they were chroniclers of its disapperance

Who’s really in control today? The Pale Jews, not the German Jews.

When I think of “pale” I sometimes imagine how in the old days they used to splash a bucket of shit out the window. That’s how they depict Jesus in the Talmud, boiling in a vat of shit. And here we are now in the US, isn’t it lovely. This is all because of the anticipation of the moshiach, whether conscious or not. On some level, Christian Zionists agree with them. Hate to tell you, NTZSCH is the closest thing to that.

On the other hand, I recurrently identify with Marx in that I’m critiquing the ruling-class. The racial overtones of what I say probably distract from that. He said it himself- Judel Itzig. 19th century Germany was the moshiach and they didn’t have the military power so they were scattered to the winds, much like the tribes of Israel. Ah well I’m still fightin. Speaking of intersectionalism, why don’t people ever talk about the Germans from that time who all agreed/disagreed with each other. That would be a genuine high-brow collective that would make Lenin blush. Then again, and I know some will hate to hear it, there’s a “racist” critique of Marx and Lenin themselves. As models though they can still be appropriated to criticize the contemporary ruling-class, theoretically and practically. “You mean kill them?” Lenin is a murderer, what do you mean? What do all those hammer and sickle images mean? Not that, never. Judel Itzig. What are known as the “neoliberals” today (as the hyper-neoliberals call them) are just footsoldiers of the Pale excrement. “Real revolution”. No, you’re not going to get that from them. They’re not Nietzscheans, they’re niggers. Ascent vs. descent, they want to make everyone lowly like themselves. And the fabled “noble jews” support them so I have to wonder about them too. Want a revolution? Ask Adolf. Of course this book was written by an Ost-West (жид) so I’m still looking for one written by a non-bioleninist. Zero objectivity one can expect from zhyds, always how to manipulate and exploit on their mind, use you as a means to an end, never could understand the Christian Kant. And they want to universalize their missing the boat on the moshiach on everyone else.

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