That time I found the other half of myself, the shiksas are goyim. What is the point of life if that is the case? They just want to use their ill-gotten funds to make white males unhappy. I have no connection to millennial women and that makes them happy. They want whites to not exist anymore because they see themselves as a type of “nigger”. Also in the literal sense they are a nigger, that’s why they hate white people. Congrats, you rigged the banks. So did you put any thought into life over the centuries? Or did you only focus on surviving in goy countries? Why is Israel a thing? Please answer me that. I yearn to understand the type of Hebrew IQ that is hidden. You’re wobble-kneed about that, just admit that to yourself if not me. What is the qabbalistic reading of wuh known ine? You should try to consult your greatest geniuses. While I’m very similar to Goebbels on one hand, I approach certain Jews with a sense of respect, and I don’t have that necessity when I see any Jew today. The holocaust messed with your brains! Pre-holocaust Jews were some of the wisest people that ever lived. What are you doing? You’re destroying the world. Tell me right now what is the nature of God? What is YHWH to you. Say that to me, let’s have a normal conversation. “I’m an establishment nigger jew” – so now you understand Hitler.


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