Just so we’re clear- being a nigger in 2050 is a good thing, and we want people to be braindead like an ape at that time. Support Jews, they want the best for society!

Haha you people are all a bunch of niggers.

You can’t even admit it because you’re so bound up with usury capital. What niggers, how disgusting.

Who has survived, anyone?

Respond to these statements like a Jew-Nigger, you Jew-Nigger.

You’re less than a human being and you survive through schmoozing banker pieces of shit, why should I see you as having a human soul, serious question.


Any response, Jew-Nigger?

Muh gold! What is that? Muh dik! So why are black people living like niggers in Africa? Both of these types of people only can survive through convincing their host society that they don’t exist purely through being a detriment on society. Human dildos, that’s what black people are. Jews are money-gatherers. Both are a type of dirt that needs to be washed from the countries of Europe. Why doesn’t anyone live in Africa, niggers? Why do people with an excess of pity have to pretend to care about creating Israel? Two types of worthless humanity.

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