The “intelligence gathering” the real CIA would be doing

Racism is the worst thing to them, while at the same time they’re ethnonarcissists. Trusting, doe-eyed whites have gotten so played. The more we develop an ethnonarcissism of our own which involves a strong anti-jewish element, the better society will be–objectively. This writer mentions another 1000 page study on paley itzigs in Germany- getting to know all of this is a step toward “healing” society from this hebraic ulcer. All their money-grubbing was for nothing if they ended up the way they are, what a waste. I’ll splash that pail out the window into the sewer.

I wonder if a subtle non-equalism exists today between Ost and West yids. “You’re one of those ones.” Taste. Don’t people care about anything these days? I don’t want kids learning from trashy shtetl bumpkins. You can return to your desert now kike. Hopefully Iran develops that nuke real soon. All it would take is one foreign scientist visiting there and teaching them, just sayin

If NYC was nuked it would unironically be a good thing. DO IT! sigh Why did I study philosophy instead of nuclear physics. Zoomers, it’s up to you. Nothing interrupts “business as usual” like a nuclear bomb. People are being systematically reincarnated into lesser beings, this needs a radical disruption. Promoting the mainstreaming of alternate historiography will suffice in the meantime I suppose, while we wait for the boomer true-believers to drop off 👋 “We defeated Hitler, I say this with tears in my eyes! My country is descending into third-worldism and I don’t care! Mustache man!” Boomerkikes. Jewniggers. Lots of words can be put together and make lots of sense.

Interesting way to put it

Understanding the Pale probably involves some degree of “Russophobia”. The less cultured ones rubbed off on them. Our state religion does seem “semi-civilized”. Germans are the cultured ones, and Jews are in power because they’re “financially cultured”. And their money could never buy them high culture, could never buy them a refined soul. Not collectively at least. The only prominent Jews throughout history did what they did while living in white countries, not coincidentally. Reflect on the feeling of insecurity-induced revenge that would cause and you’ll begin to understand the belief-system of the status quo which they orchestrate. Instead of trying to redeem themselves they choose to burn it all down instead. Christians have taunted them for thousands of years. Our belief-system isn’t the product of cool-headed rationality, it’s founded on burning emotion, clenched teeth, a red face, verging on tears. Haha you hook nosed niggers have had to live in our countries for centuries! Total niggers. And this is who controls the memes of production now. One of the meanings of life seems to have children, and how empty must life be to raise children in a society controlled by bitter niggers like Jews? I say we just kill all of them. Hodos and Shamir can live, that’s about it, from what I can tell. All the rest are rubbing their hands together in the same sad cabal that cares about nothing besides preserving its primitive jewing ways. What a loss of life that would be!

Whoops, went off on a tangent there! I have books to read.

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