I always hope to find a new word like жид or الهكسوس – Ostjude

No one probably knows them better than their “cousins” – we should look for sources from them

German Jews who traveled through the Pale with disgust? The Pale immigrated to Germany so we probably don’t even need that. This Aschheim book doesn’t seem very “sympathetic” at all so far, refreshingly. Wouldn’t it be funny to see a blue check war about all this stuff? You stink of the shtetl! All the endless, endless, endless, never-ending references we’ve heard to the Holocaust ALL OUR LIVES and they never mentioned anything about the Pale or the Ostjuden, makes you think.

Please let me find a Chinaman in the alternate dimension ranting about the Hakka migrations please. A Hodos Hakka? That would be priceless.

Between 1600 and 1800 wave after wave of Eastern Jews made their way to Western Europe.

This was after all this

They weren’t all from Khazaria, many migrated from the Middle East up through Italy to Western Europe. Remember the burning of the Talmuds was 1240, that’s another event that needs to be studied more closely. There’s no other people like this, whatsoever. Only the Hakka. And it still has to be discovered whether the latter were guilty of subversive behavior.

What was it that led the German Jews to condemn their eastern cousins? Whatever it was, we urgently need something like that to happen in the US. So many expulsions, what kinds of mental illnesses could those have caused?? And they set the standard for everyperson, not good! The creation of Israel must be like a form of therapy to them. I wonder how many deaths Blinken will be responsible for by 2024. Whatever relieves your psychological torture, you twisted bag of neuroticisms. “He’s going to Gitmo for making me cry!”

Oo geopolitics

Many West European Jews expressed their disdain for Eastern Jews, but it was in Germany that such notions were given their most radical formulation. This was so because German Jews felt the rift most acutely. Germany, after all, bordered Poland, a geographical factor of great importance.

Ashkenazim vs. Sephardim must be a psyop for the newbies. We’re getting more and more precise in our understanding. A German Jewess should stop over and tell me about the “Oral Torah” – what’s that? Not really, I’ve seen what Esthering can do – remember Moot? It’s terrible how “scared into silence” even Westjuden are. Society is literally collapsing right before our eyes and you’re unpersoned for saying anything about it. I’ve been having a blast for years, you should try it. Let go, stop caring what people think. It just seems like such a lost opportunity for so many great minds. It’s like if Marx never wrote about capital and instead wrote about soil sciences or something frivolous like that. Third graders in a sandbox creating castles with pails. “Hey, that’s fun!” I’m putting the cover on the turtle with you in it. Most art is intrinsically middling given that it isn’t allowed to criticize the ruling-class, that’s another consequence of our totalitarian times. I love art, it’s arguably higher than philosophy when it’s at its best, and it’s not allowed to be at its best. Truth is banned, beauty is banned. I’m a psychopath for responding to that reality by laughing at the thought of murder.

Aschheim might as well be a Hodos (he wrote a good book on neech too, probably uncoincidentally)

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