What’s in a word

We’re supposed to see Russians as the Other par excellence, those “Eurasians”, yet our own ruling-class is arguably more Other, more “Asian”. It’s a foreign occupation.

What I like to see

Karl Emil Franzos, the person who perhaps articulated the liberal post-Enlightenment German-Jewish stereotype of the Ostjude, the East European Jew, in its most definitive literary, cultural and political form.

The way Aschheim portrays it, Westjuden and Ostjuden were worlds apart. How does this Franzos see it?

Jews, like other peoples in Galicia and elsewhere, were products of what he called “half-Asia.” This was not merely a geographical designation but more a cultural state of mind, a strange amalgam of European forms and Asian barbarism.


I was wondering earlier what made the German Jews different. This appears to explain it

Aschheim has an essay on the meaning of Asiaten here. He suggests Franzos’ book Aus Halb-Asien.

No hyperlinks to descriptions of his books on the heebwiki either

In his works he dealt extensively with the lives of the inhabitants of [the Pale]

Most of the жиди in the US are not Westjuden

His writings clearly reflected the Enlightenment distaste for “ghetto” life. There was no possibility of an equal relationship here — these poor creatures had to be educated and elevated to Franzos’s own condition of Bildung.

Looks like I finally found that novelist I was looking for. He’s the one who coined this phrase! Denn — jedes Land hat die Juden, die es verdient. How does Aschheim get away with talking about all this? He might as well be a Westjude criticizing the living Ostjuden. I bet he’s aware of that too. Maybe he’s trying to help them?

Franzos justified his activities regarding Eastern Jews as saving “our unfortunate brothers in faith”

All the news, all the shows, all the movies, when you watch those you’re watching material made by people that even other Jews looked down upon only decades ago. We’re ruled by ghetto Asians who hate us and everyone’s going “It’s fine”. No thanks.

It’s weird to see their chief mystic of the 20th century say it

“Oriental Despotism”? You don’t say. Need to wander off and see what this Franzos is about.

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