the Ukrainian author Ivan Franko, his Jewish counterpart Karl Emil Franzos

Once again, the Ukrainian wiki is so much more thorough. Jimmy Wales should really just redirect foreign people’s wikis to the non-english version in many cases. My impression is that they try to make him look bad on the english one. No explicit mention of “what we’re talking about here” on the uk wiki either though. According to this article,

He actually met with Herzl, I wonder if there’s a book on their talk? Franko, I’m sorry, that’s not enough, that isn’t the solution. What are these works of his though? Looks like he was a renaissance man. Lots of people still read him today. A member of the Shevchenko Society. A Marx-studier and criticizer, you don’t hear about many of those in the 19th century. Given all the deaths he directly caused that’s quite odd. (Cue marxist cope reactions.) Just say out loud, “It was worth it” and get it over with. Target the best people in a country and kill and rob them out of jealousy, sounds legit bro. No, I agree only rabble-marxism has been tried. Nietzscheans carrying out Marxist goals, now that sounds more effective, more Kantian. When I think of Germany-

I’m in the car right now, I’m doing 90 on the freeway
Hey Germany, I drank a fifth of vodka
You dare me to drive?

Whoa, that book of Franzos’ has a play within a play

When Sender proposes to play Shylock in a wandering theater troupe, the director exclaims enthusiastically that The Merchant of Venice is a play for Galicia.

Hollywood, any thoughts? Typische. We’re talking about a “type” of person. Humans are robots with programs they can’t escape, that is what a type is.

Look another one of the exceptions to their robot-program

To be sure, not everyone admired [David Heinrich] Müller. The Palestine-based Zionist newspaper Hatsvi, for instance, accused him of having betrayed the cause of Hebrew and “worshipping only German literature.”

It’s similar to people not liking me for being a Strauss stan. This “type” of Jew must exist. I keep finding more and more from the past.

A parody of Qanon I found funny the other day was “The patriots are in control.” I don’t think it’s that way within Jewry itself. The ones I know of as the wisest Jews are not in control. Ghetto-Judaism. I try to give the ones with more refined taste a voice. If shtetl-mind is in control and you can’t do anything about it, and you’re so good at hiding who you really are, then do you blame me for calling for the deaths of all of you? “Yeah because uh because uh” maybe you’d have a response, I’ve never seen one. The modern world is turning into a “ghetto” and it’s no coincidence. Hey Cohens, you’re supposed to be the elites of Jews, what are you doing about that, besides nothing? Ah so you’re shtetl-brained too, good to know. Sorry to tell you you’re not the chosen people, I know that helps you get through the day living in a society slowly turning into a shtetl.

It looks like they really hated Muller, something possibly to study rather than state-owned social media posts. Israel probably isn’t going to be much if it continues pretending that certain Jewish “types” don’t exist. And that’s not even to mention the goyim who they’re too hubristic to learn anything from. “We learned from the Nazis that we want an ethnostate.” Really, when you phrase it that way…

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