I’ve reached a new qliphothic temperature of inhumanity. Or humanity depending how you look at it. It’s an awful feeling to see the serfs for what they are.

I’m studying proto NYC. This is the FIRST picture I’ve seen showing migration from the Pale specifically

NYC wants to hide proto NYC.

Guess what word this is, guess which language it’s in – Ansiedlungsrayon. They must scrub the German internet more than any other if I had to guess. Think proto nazis had a map like this?

We’ll have to study certain sections.

Franko talks about the reasons for the emigration of Jews from Galicia to America, because the Jewish population did not have the opportunity to do business here.

We can’t expect it to match up with NYC perfectly, namely because we’re talking about pre-1917 times here, people were poorer, dumber, lacked technology, etc.

Franko turned to the ancient history of the Jewish people, with which he connected the situation of the Jews of Galicia at that time.

Some of his writings can be found here

That’s from 1887.

They weren’t as tolerant in those days so it was a lot easier to do what they do here, especially with the holocaust mythos giving them cover. According to Franko however they paraded their grievances around when criticized back then too. “You don’t want to be like those Egyptian slavers in your Bible, right goy? By the way, you don’t need to know what’s written in our Talmud.”


in the economic development of those peoples, their influence was undoubtedly fatal. Therefore, it is not surprising that after the decline of the Polish state body, the Jews immediately sided with the victors, in Prussia and Austria

It isn’t only a history of expulsions, it’s also a history of destabilizing countries and voluntarily moving to healthier ones. Those black and white pictures of sad people in concentration camps really brighten my day when I see them.

You reading this, Xi?

they nevertheless try in every way to show their loyalty to the new lord.

You’d think that shit wouldn’t fly with the Chinese, given that they just up and shoot people involved with bribery for example. After a couple generations of subtle brainwashing though…?

I’m excited to find that clown novel by Franzos. I need to stick with this Franko for now though! Too many threads to trace. All the while more and more convinced that the US is doomed.

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