The German wiki is telling me lots more about Franzos

That one was translated only six years after it was published. Never fails to amuse me that a couple years ago people only mostly knew about MacDonald’s work on the жиди. How many have been found now? Certainly not as many as there are books out there critical of whites. Rookie numbers. The preface to the linked-to book there is muah so far.

Oh you can count on it, I am amused right now.

334 pages, damn, one number off – that many pages of material like that?! There are still two other books that are alleged to be his best. People who have hated you for thousands of years now have the most advanced technology to convince you to hate yourself! What a time to be alive.

Reminder of names of other Pale writers – Kulish, Kostomarov, Shevchenko – still need to delineate their most “acrid” writings. These will give us a broader understanding of the contemporary Synagogue. I might just start calling it the Pale. No, they’re both freer and more able to get away with what they do here, so it’s not quite the Pale. Once the Pale was dissolved- the USSR, that’s a closer parallel. Anyway, the work of Franzos that Aschheim suggested is Aus Halb-Asien. Culturbilder aus Galizien, Südrußland, der Bukowina und Rumänien. Looks like there are a couple German secondary texts on Franzos too. Whoa forget that, there are lots more than a couple. Never expected to find a proto Hodos. It is a dirty bird that fouls its own nest.

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