Given that lots of Franzos’ and Franko’s writings are set in New York City, I mean Galicia, I want to get to know more about this place that I wasn’t even too aware existed at all. It was dissolved in 1918. In 1910, 872,000 жиди lived there, constituting 10.9% of its population. In 1933 there were about 7 million in all of the former Pale and Russia, so 872k is a pretty significant amount. Sound autistic? Only paleontologists will understand hollywood, the news, hedge fund managers, etc. This from Franko seems like what they’re going to do once their objectives are carried out here

Franko died a year before the Pale was dissolved – they named a city after him

See who misleading it is to refer to “Poland” and “Russian Empire” here?

People think they were all in Moscow or something. No, there was a border keeping them out. What was life like in that place?

Franko, if you’re even asking these questions…

Is it a secret, the enormous influence that those organizations have on economic and social affairs, and not only on religious ones? Finally, a mystery – and for centuries a powerful connection of the whole Jewish tribe, which I showed in one of the activities of the “Alliance Izraelite”. Or all those things that are not free to talk about? Things that have no meaning for our region, in which 10% of the population are Jews? Or maybe it’s all anti-Semitic fabrications?

1887 volks.

Around this time there were about 1.5 million mostly paleys already in America. Now how much of the Pale is here, without any borders? Those Russians were smart to keep them out. Those Germans–even smarter.

This essay of Franko’s wasn’t able to be found instantly. He himself wasn’t. Can I prove they scrub the internet, no. I bet Bogolyubov is a big fan of his wahaha.

I was just about to say something to this effect and Franko said it for me

Jews forget that in many fields of public life they occupy a privileged position against a large mass of non-Jews, enjoying many rights unique to themselves, and that their religious and economic organization and sometimes even the very composition of their minds allows them even to exploit equal rights in their favor

Like I said, they weren’t as tolerant then and there, and they take advantage of the tolerance here to be even more abysmal. When I scroll around the Ukrainian and Polish internets I mostly find links to muh persecution, muh oppression pages. Franko tells a different story. This essay was not published in the academic volumes of his writings.

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