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I keep seeing that he’s prolific on the issue and that site only has that sole essay about it so I’m mining this collection to locate primary sources. In the process I finally find a related work by that ethnopsychologist Kostomarov. It’s so eerie studying these people as “hosts”. Remember, a Franko might not have been possible without the centuries old stereotype that the жиди “hold the keys to the church”. Those people are living here now, don’t you want to know what they were like before that? Ask some goys from Minsk, I’m sure they have some stories.

Aha, Kulish, on this idea of holding the keys of the church

Out of all the ones above guess which one it is – yup, the one in red whose “page does not exist”.

Kulish, Kostomarov, and Shevchenko were all part of a secret brotherhood. Franko read them in high school. All Holodomor anticipaters.

Hopefully Israel was lucky to get these Ukrainian ones

As Franko said in my last post, they like to go to the place they can exploit easiest, so they’re probably here. We imported a ruling-class recently and no one cares what they were up to in previous countries? Smallskullgoys detected.

It’s a testament to the fact that they never entirely left Ukraine that it isn’t easy to find Franko’s works on them.

It will be interesting to contrast Franzos with Asch on the Pale. Hostile vs. sympathetic. Pojaz the Clown vs. Motke the Thief. I told you I was going to find all this eventually! Atlantis. Found one of Franko’s – Борислав. Картини з життя підгірського народу. Based on descriptions this one looks like it might help answer the question of why the word жид gathered the connotation it did. Aha

The issue of “ideal realism” – as both oxymoron and as a plausible narrative strategy – is summarized in the novel Perekhresni stezhky (1900), which may also be considered Franko’s most developed, and “mature” statement on the Ukrainian-Jewish relations.

Перехресні стежки

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