You sure?

He’s a cross between a West and Ost Jude, might explain him a bit.

“Can you just cut the shit please?”

It’s the only thing that makes me laugh anymore. The taboo is the only thing that’s funny. “So you think it’s funny that I hate myself for being Jewish?” It’s funny that you don’t admit it, that all the opinion-controllers don’t admit it, and yet that’s what what they try to convince us of is based in. Anti white supremacy is another way of saying “I hate myself.”

I just like psychology okay? I’m sorry that I can’t be accepted in society for talking about it. “The Nazis used their high verbal IQ to do this to us before!” It wasn’t high enough apparently. The highest IQ in the real world is shekel-gathering by the looks of it. This is the essence of what annoys me, the greediest people on the planet trying to act like the moral arbiters. No, you hate yourself for a reason. At least the more self-aware ones do. The even more self-aware ones turn out like Shamir. That’s high IQ. Being stubborn for thousands of years is stupid, it just means you will destroy the world because “trust the plan”. I’m ready to get out of Babylon.

This is another one of Franko’s poems that I’ve seen suggested. He wrote that around the same as Zarathustra. I do look at neech in this light, as a ketman practitioner. Other writers from around his time were more explicit about these things and thus who’s remembered to this day? Shevchenko? Even the Holodomor couldn’t preserve him. What I fear is that goys like me in the 2100s will be ranting about the same subjects relating to financial control of the nature of the soul. If you have money-grubbers doing that then the souls of the population are going to be made in their image. This is why I am an advocate of synthesizing Nietzsche and Marx in certain ways. Neither exploiters or proles should be in control. “Who then?” A deus ex machina, a postmodern Aquinas. Our pseudo-elites of today believe themselves to be the Moshiach. These are the exploiters. Honestly, I think proles would probably do a better job than they could so maybe Marx is on to something. That’s not a very high standard though, people who have been kicked out of 109 countries are obviously more spiritually corrupt than proles who have only wanted to live a decent life and mind their own business. Still, I think we can do better than that. We should try to bring a postmodern Aquinas about. The “bad old days” that progs demonize, and the “end of history” that they beautify can theoretically be synthesized. Another option of course is fragmentation. I was thinking earlier today, do I have any chocolate queens following me who love to be abused? You can have Georgia, you deserve that after slavery. I do not want all of the population having to descend to the jungle, which you express in virtually every word you say, and you’re lucky I don’t smack you across the face for it. America needs that. Blacks can be happy in Georgia or Soth Carolinuh. Reactionaries can be happy in flyover country and New England, progs can have their coasts until they auto-genocided due to their overly-emotional policies. I have a dream. We’re not going to get a postmodern Aquinas if we do not separate from the prog mind virus. And China is happy at that thought. These oriental kikes who hate themselves and hate us are nothing next to post opium war post Maoist cannibalism China. I do not want that despotism. Those light of eye need to team together to prevent this from happening.

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