Heine’s cousin

Aschheim says he set the tone for the genre. It seems one of the only way to save America at this rate is to bring back a genre like this. Wishful thinking, right? In our own time this would be a netflix kind of thing. Funny shows on their secrecy and influence, and its effects on society, to the detriment of both goy and jew. I don’t care if it’s wishful thinking, I’m an idealist. And so I continue to gather models from the past that could be used. German Jews hated them too, they were seen as embarrassments! The West ones had to pay for the behavior of the Ost ones. And now today almost all of them seem to have the behavior of the Ost ones. The shtetl won the war.

Franzos was born in Galicia. It’s like being born in NYC and growing to hate it. It’s not an exaggeration to say that where America is heading is going to be worse than the holocaust, and it is that historical event above all others that is leading us there. The attitude of non-judgment that it caused has resulted in the idea of good vs. evil being meaningless. America is nothing more than the escape base that provides safety from the judgement of evil Europe, of which Westjuden were a part. They want 100% of the people here to eventually be like the Ost that were judged. Be like them, and at the same time not be judged. That’s their idea of political paradise. In reality it’s going to be a retrogression to the third world.

Aschheim refers to Franzos as the crystallization of this genre in question, so at least we have some kind of center of gravity for this lost Atlantis. Are they the same as they were then? Of course not, I’m just seeing lots of EERIE parallels.

You have to be a snob to study this stuff with a clear mind – I’m sure someone like Dugin couldn’t be objective at all

Who is in the US? Not only the Jews. They brought the Ost with them.

It surprises me that I never wondered enough why all my favorite Jewish thinkers were from Germany. Even Adorno is canceled. DOOM! I’m going to have to go on an Arendt romp one of these days to gather together what’s cancelable about her. Dunno, that she was like Beauvoir and read books by evil white males instead of stewing in bitterness on social media all day posting about how evil white males are? Probably more than that, I’ll get back to you, I’m sure there’s a shtetlbumpkin reading this who would be interested in that.

Both perspectives will probably show us a lot – so much to read

This word clarifies things- Ostjudenfrage

For the majority of German Jews Franzos remained the authoritative guide to the Eastern ghetto.

The US is Halb-Asien and I can’t say I’m too fond.

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