You never hear about this

Franzos wrote from 1870-1904. You never hear about why they migrated, you never hear about them being “Eastern” in the pejorative sense. This Aschheim book is lowkey both russophobic and anti-semitic, me gusta. As much as that is the case, his sympathy for his coethnics shows and his perspective differs markedly from Franko’s, who was there, living in the “Half East”. I wonder how Levy would respond to Franko. Ah, in a better age I’d be speaking scholastically- in ours, this is how I discuss “religion”. “You’re not supposed to talk about the nature of God, you’re supposed to just have faith.” Nah. I’m learning so much about the modern world from this Aschheim book, you should seriously check it out. He’s a cross between a West and Ost himself so he’s his own kind of freak. I expect more erring on the side of geburah from a pure Westjude. Mexico is clearly “the Pale” to our overlords. Escaping the Pale, continuing to be the kind of person that should be kept in a Pale, and helping others do the same is their modus operandi. It’s all starting to make sense now. Wait that’s everyday that you read a good book. Russiagate makes more sense too- the Slavs had gotten fed up with them, and that’s why they had to escape to Germany in the first place. And in Germany they must have continued doing what they did in the Pale. They’re so self-centered, the world revolves around them. Aschheim calls the Ostjuden “refugees” – nice word-choice. From the “ghetto” – also nice word-choice. It is a dirty bird that fouls its own nest.

The contemporary mindset originates here

as Karl Emil Franzos pointed out, the sheer magnitude of the German Jewish effort to help the East European Jews was impressive.

Aschheim I hope you go into detail on this

Equally serious was the lack of education for women, which related to another more depressing and more embarrassing issue, one which middle-class German Jews very much wanted to avoid and yet were forced to confront: the question of East European Jewish prostitution… Hitler explicitly linked this “danger” with East European Jewish prostitution and involvement in the white-slave trade. It was not pure myth. The problem went back many years.

Reminds me I also need to read Bertha Pappenheim’s book on this.

Dead link 404

Shiksas are whores, like Mary in the Talmud – greetings from 2021 America.

Whoa, Pappenheim has other interesting-looking books too.

I wonder if that An-sky brings this up at all – or did he himself enjoy the sex-slaves?

Inglorious Basterds-tier film on this when?

“We need to save the sex-slavers!” Our state religion looks stupider by the day. How sick these people are, the Sisyphus book isn’t on google. Yes! The German internet has tons of her works, insta-translated on “projekt” gutenberg. An-sky’s Pale expedition was between 1912-1914, Pappenheim’s was in 1902. About 20 years later we know what happened… just not why it happened. Haha time machine go brrrrr.

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