I actually went out of my way and sent an email to find that Pojaz the Clown book, and just found it on Projekt Gutenberg. “woot woot” as they used to say on RuneScape. They have various of Franzos’ books insta-translated here (his name translates to the word “French”). I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the future reading him. Artistic studies on the immediately pre-US Ashkenazim. You thought you could just hop over here and start ruining society without someone wanting to know about you?

So, what did these 70,000 do once they were there?

70,000 shtetlbumpkins cause so many of our problems today. Did Talmud Mary play a role? Franko mentions Galician bankers – did they migrate too? Was there a Soros-figure facilitating the immigration? Ah I saw a great twitter thread on Weimar about a year ago, should’ve bookmarked it or something. Lots of evidence for ZOG IIRC- for a later time. So, there are a few distinct time-frames we can study. The pre-Pale. What led to the Pale? The Pale. What led to the pogroms in the Pale? The Weimar Republic. What happened there? From what I’ve gathered so far there are striking similarities between these three eras and the modern-day US. Speaking of “alternate dimensions”, (that’s what interests me), here are three. Unlike Babylon, a bunch of fanatical Muslims didn’t burn all the historical documents. They tried to hide many of them though! Pappenheim. Franzos. Franko. What a list it is. This is exactly what Nietzsche’s genealogical method was meant for. Pore over the hundreds of thousands of documents from the Cairo Geniza and I’m willing to bet you’ll find earlier eras with all the marks of our own too.

RE Weimar ZOG via Aschheim – late 19th century-

The majority of liberal newspapers—also Jewish-owned

Apparently they tried covering up the “Ost invasion” taking place. Sex-slavers, a bunch of Epsteins, only probably worse.

Grabowsky has a book on their early presence in Berlin called Ghettowanderung for Die Schaubuhne (not on google).

They brought Galicia with them. I’m going to have to order that Mottke the Thief book by Asch – they say it depicts the criminal underground of the Pale. Remember, these ones who migrated to Berlin were the same types of people who formed the majority of the revolutionary vanguard and secret police of the USSR. Looks like only about 100,000 German Jews fled here, we got millions of Ostjuden -pukes- It’s shocking to me the way Aschheim is portraying these two – the former seemed to really hate the latter.

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