It seems like something everyone should already know, if a proto-NYC indeed existed, don’tcha think? I am not sure yet if it is Galicia. That’s where it seems to be for now. There’s conflicting population data that I’m still trying to sort through. Had you ever even heard of Galicia?

This book description says they all co-existed in peace – I doubt it.

There must be a Polish Franko to ask. About 60% of Galicians spoke Polish, while 40% spoke Ruthenian. 11% spoke Yiddish. Once again, I don’t know if there’s a better model to use than Galicia. Possibly the Kiev/Kherson area. Galicia bordered the Pale, so they likely had fewer restrictions, making it more similar to NYC. It seems like something we should already know. “What are you talking about amateur, I know what the proto-NYC was.” You do? “I’m a blank-slatist so I don’t think it matters at all that, for instance, the descriptions of the heebs in the Quran match the way they behave today.” Most people really do live in the realm of myth with all this stuff. I’ve seen some of the smartest Jews dismiss the 109 as scapegoating. Hate to break it to you. I don’t think they rationalize like that just to fool the goyim, I think they have some kind of psychological condition that prevents them from facing it squarely. And most goys probably genetically because da Exodus was part of their Bible for so many generations, aren’t too far away from them in that. The wool has been pulled over their eyes for so many centuries that they live in a permanently deluded state. I look for information online and I honestly don’t trust most of it, because we’re still living now in a time when the alchemical controllers of capital are trying to erase traces of their past activities.

See how misleading this is in the context of Galicia?

“They were in Poland and Russia, there was no such thing as the Pale or Galicia.” Look, they might even have been connected with the Radhanites of Romania to the south

“Proto-NYC doesn’t exist!”

For the third time, this is something we should already know about. Everyday I find more clues that something like that existed. And that they were “refugees” who fled here for reasons they don’t want you to know about. In the meantime while I figure all this out, enjoy the screens. There are ways to use the screens against them I should remind you.

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