If you still believe in Moldbug’s puritan hypothesis you really are lost, a victim of rabbinical pilpul. He’s a “Hodos” too yknow, we needed him. He was a Hodos like Trump was a Hodos, he only criticized the matter indirectly. I just hope that they’re both happy right now for being the best blogger and the best tweeter, respectively, ever in existence, they should just be basking in that, having hacked the neo-gutenberg. Just goes to show that ketman has its uses.

On the other side of things, I’m only talking to people in hooded robes, pretty much? The further away from the status quo I can get is what makes me happy. Is this some type of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn? I’m just a normal guy who likes talking about his interests, yet sometimes it does feel that way. One thing I’m certain of is that we should learn from history that rabble are not allowed. They can’t see things clearly, they only seek revenge upon learning them. And that’s not good for people like us. The internet is a beautiful experiment. I’m not here chanting enochian, I prefer learning a hundred other languages – maybe the enochian one is the key, not sure.

To get back to the initial thought that provoked this post- I’m going to explain to the anti-puritan-hypothesis people that they’re merely another instantiation of the mainstream hatred of whites which is based in ressentiment. If Jews didn’t exist, our state religion wouldn’t exist. That’s enough to refute Moldbug’s hypothesis. It’s all centered around the holocaust and he’s part of that, he’s a Talmudist who exploits non-jews. I’m sorry if you find solidarity with the “Pale struggle”, I don’t, I love the Germans. Sklavin-mentality is why I wouldn’t endorse your membership in a new Golden Dawn. Can’t do politics right, can’t do mysticism right. Always have to base your worldview around “refugees” like you who probably don’t even deserve to live here in the first place. It’s fine, maybe you’ll learn someday soon, even Land and Dugin seem like pathetic goyim to me, controlled by capital and the demos, so what could I expect from you? We try with the internet to affect a generational aufheben against the boomers. Some boomers are great, don’t get me wrong. If I ever saw a dense book on the subjects I speak of from one of them that would probably redeem them. In the meantime this is the best page on the post-khazar pre-pale I’ve seen.

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