How many years of thinking it took to even look for a person specifically like this

Meet the Jew 🥸

Page one he says to know them you need to know the races they lived with. Were they among Syrians the longest? That’s what he alleges. And that they lived in Poland for 600 years. So Jeske-Choinski probably knows a thing or two about this foreign element in society. They moved from the Pale to America only a hundred or so years ago, that’s no 600. By Syrians he means Semites, Arabs. This is part of what is meant by halb-asien. Yup I’m going to keep talking about them until I’m not ruled by them anymore. Are you content, moron? Then talk about them. Ah you’re dishonorable and shameless like them, I see. I SEE. Like I’ve said before, the meaning of life is being-with-others and certain books are the highest form of being-with-others. You would rather have politically correct conversations and live in illusion? Okay. “Why do people believe what they believe today?” Because WW2, because Jews. “Who wrote about them before the war?” Jeske-Choiński, Franko, Franzos. Having “conversations” with them really gives me the impression that we’re wrong about everything we believe today. Pretty much 99% of what Jack allows on his bird site only reinforces what these (hidden, banned) writers refute. Feast your eyes. Literally a slave to current events in most cases. It doesn’t take much to entertain you does it? I’m content with nothing less than the absolute and irrevocable destruction of the most cherished truths of the most refined species on the only planet we know of that hosts life. Beating humanity is the only fun in town in my world. You’re really content doing less than that? Sad, no true ideals. Blind to the glory of God ultimately. Whatever it is that caused the transformation of dust into humans eventually must be lacking in you. We’d still be dust without a will to paradigm-shifting. And that has mostly been snuffed out by the stupidification mechanisms today. I’ll give you an example from my life. When I was a kid I loved to watch Power Rangers, even had Jason PJ’s that I wore even after they grew ragged, and during my teenage years I watched one of the newer Power Ranger shows and noticed how simplistic and made-for-kids it was, and asked a middle-aged person why the show got so much worse from the earlier series, and he said No, it’s always been like that, you were just a kid at the time. People seem like they never went through that phase, they’re still entertained by Power Rangers. It is SAD! Child-like interests among voting-age adults. Even professors remind me of children in this way. Someone like Zizek. They’re living among humans instead of trying to go beyond them. Ugh this site is distracting me from Jeske-Choiński, Franko, Franzos.

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