What if he was right?

Now that’s my kinda newspapuh. It was started by Jan Jeleński and it ran between 1881-1912. Greased the wheels for when the Nazis invaded and the Polish didn’t really try to stop them, womp womp. So what was the subject matter. Besides Jews turning their country into a materialistic brothel. Over thirty years of material. Looks like it was opposed to exploitation and secularization. A view from drowned Atlantis. Those old Ukrainian newspapers I found the other day insta-translated, hopefully I get lucky with these too. I’d rather live in that world than the one where fat satyr kikes would sell me off for a nickel.

Heh, finding quotes from the Rola now that are truer than anything I’ve read in the news all my life. Do you feel like a pre-1945 Atlantean too?

Auschwitz is a sacred site that stands for goys being evil. We can clearly see today that the opposite is true. Even their own cousins in Germany hated these people! They didn’t change after the holocaust, that probably only made them worse. I woke up today laughing hysterically at the thought of strangling a Jew until the light goes out of his eyes, if you aren’t similar you’re a slave.

Keep seeing this theme

There are 1,612 documents to locate by my estimation. “The dude” of Poland seems to be that Jeske-Choinski.

That theme of silence that appeared also in the Ukrainian Franko.

For this ‘holy’ purpose the paper intended to mobilize what contributors called the ‘silent majority’ – namely, the Christian community defined in opposition to Jewry.

 Seems they held the keys to the church not only in Ukraine. “What is my ethnicity? How about someone who was kicked around and abused in Eastern Europe.”

Ah, with silence we find another recurring theme

Isn’t it strange, we’ve heard the word Auschwitz a million times and never once the name Jeske-Choinski. No one’s ever heard of Galicia. No one’s stopped to wonder what was actually going on in Poland before the 30s. The legitimacy of our ruling-class hinges on the facts of that time. Abused. More like owned everything and treated goys like garbage by the looks of it. No, I’m sure they’ll ask China for a lot more than a nickel. Anyway back to Aschheim, that’s the best book I’ve found for a while – he just quoted Marx saying that the Polish Jews were the “dirtiest of all races”.

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