Symptoms from today’s Poland – this person speaks of the Warsaw intelligentsia’s “only correct” version of the past

He says that Jeske-Choinski as well as someone named Feliks Koneczny have been “deleted” from Poland. Remember I was scouring the Polish internet the other day for just such thinkers and never saw their names anywhere.

This from another one who is part of a group called Haman Underground (good name)

He has a link to download the 2019 edition of the book I’m looking for, and I’m pretty sure… I’d prefer the 1919 edition for obvious reasons.

This is the first line of the Polish wiki – ones of these guys edited it?

The history of Jews in Poland began about 1000 years ago, with merchants looking for slaves in these areas, who were later sold in Muslim countries.

The Chronicle of Gallus Anonymus must have been obscure in Jeske-Choinski’s time if he thought it was only “600 years together”. The Polish word for the жиди is Radanici. So they didn’t stop in Ukraine, they continued west.

Another book of Jeske-Choinski’s they banned

The appendix of the book lists nearly a thousand people of Jewish origin who were baptized in Warsaw alone and received Polish-sounding names, and often also noble coats of arms, entitling them to purchase landed goods. This is an extremely important argument for the assessment of the intellectual structure of the society, but it is reluctantly disclosed due to the multiple consequences.

Put that together with this

Serfdom in Poland was cruel and lasted the longest in Europe, and the death of the last peasant with serfdom obligations was recorded only in August 2007 in the Niedzica-Zamek hamlet.

Crypto-Khazarians? Were “found out”? And then… Jeske-Choinski is possibly the most dangerous writer of anyone. Poland is where most of the holocaust victims were from!

Here’s Aschheim

I really need to find insta-translated versions of Jeske-Choinski’s books… We’re living in a medieval “asien” order right now and everyone can sense it. Something horrifying about all this. Remember in the context of Shevchenko, the so-called Emancipation of the Serfs? Maybe that never truly happened. Finding lots of evidence of that. Christian names, shaved beards, close the curtains, put on the yarmulke, study the Talmud. It’s so baked into their genetics they don’t even need to do that anymore. This one says they were so good at hiding the Nazis didn’t get them. Time to read Jeske-Choinski’s chapter on the Talmud, the book still hidden to this day.

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