Just read Aschheim, something about being a West/Ost freak went right with him.

the notion that the East European Jew could serve as a cultural model for Western Jews was regarded as palpably absurd.

He says so many things that I expect him to put in quotation marks that any decent person would say today if it weren’t banned from discussion, I have no idea how he got away with writing this book. He knows the jew of the ghetto on an existential level, and he doesn’t like it. We have universalized the shtetl. This would be on every screen that exists if the shtetl did not control them. Aschheim is a town in Germany. He is the one of the very rare redemptive forces within Judaism. “No one knows your cousin like you do.” I actually have something similar about me that helps me understand all this, given the ghetto qualities of Southern Italy and my contemplations about that for years. There’s a similar dynamic between West and Ostjuden, the southern ones and the “posh” Italians of the north. There is a debate to be had there, so I can sympathize with the Ost on some level. On the other hand, I’ve grown to have humility and look to Germany as the ideal, which the northern Italians are closer to. I think most Jews today are exactly what Marx thought of them. They don’t have that humility, one of the main ways Jeske-Choinski seems them is as megalomaniacal. And no I still haven’t found the books I’m looking for from him, which probably shed even more light than Aschheim. The contemporary US can be explained by seeing the centuries of arrogance the Jewish people have had and their refusal to learn from others. “We rule da world, what do we care?” What’s the point of ruling the world if you only leave destruction and unhappiness in your wake? Again and again and again and again. Xi’s CIA, hello, please write this down. They blink in morse-code at me “They’re already here…” Speaking of “Atlantis” another kind besides these dead writers exists today that is similarly submerged, and that is with Jews who are aware of all these things and only speak with other Jews about them. They’d tell us a lot more than Aschheim, whose book I’ve been drawing from was written in the 80s and doesn’t even speak of events in the present-day of that time. So how does all this reflect on today’s realities, Jews? You won’t say. Either because you’re a shtetlbumpkin who is burning with resentment about exile(s) or because you’re a refined “Germanic Jew” who is afraid of what the Ost will do to them. I’d like to see this Atlantis, it’s alive in the minds of living beings. “You want to kill all of us, why would I?” I only have that attitude because you’re so secretive. Biden’s puppetmasters’ “healing” lol they’re such amateurs. According to Aschheim they used to smell so bad that it would sicken the stomach. Ashkenazim, the master race. Let’s pretend that “YHWH” exists. What qualities would this deity possess? Just an experiment. Because when I look at what Jews do in the US I think they have an understanding of YHWH that didn’t arise in an advanced society. Mammon, shekel, no culture, only exploiting cash and using it to perpetuate the shtetl. Read the Jews who lived in Germany if you want to prevent the next migration to China. Or if you’re not arrogant even read non-jews, the ones whose societies you’ve had to live in, just a thought.

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