Cozy post on Jeske-Choinski

What a happy man – I must say – they had condemned him to oblivion, rather than pretending he never existed. Something fantastic!

I feel like the mystery of mysteries has been solved with him, and now it’s just a matter of finding the rest of his books. Was Poland a slave-state? I am finding evidence of that. Aschheim dropped a funny word- Judenschwindle. If Poland was anything like the current US (or worse) then our state-religion is more bogus than can possibly be imagined. That’s pretty impressive that slavers enslaved us with guilt for slavery.

Ah, nabbed one of them. Mess around with the display options and if you highlight the text it will give you the translate option. This is the one on “supposed” converts to Christianity, the “list of names”. Think they changed them again in the 40s just to be safe? Whoever they are they’re probably the ones responsible for this cancerous ethos of ours. What’s behind those blue eyes, Miss Jew? “It’s my divine right to rule over you!” No, you’re my slave now.

Jeske-Choinski says that slavery was more lucrative than usury

Mostly the Slavic slave excited his voracious merchantism.

Given that America sets the tone for most of the world, everyone should read Jeske-Choinski. Sacred myth go boom. A bunch more of his books here. Neither of the main two I’m looking for. What are they hiding? You can see the names of the chapters here at least. One of the final ones is “The Human Trade and the Jews”. Not a phrase you hear everyday. Seems to align with Bristow’s study. Another prolific writer shipped with Jeske-Choinski. The bad things they were doing over there that got people mad at them they’re not doing over here. These sorts of writers will help us put an end to it. “I’d rather play video games.” You might as well be a kike then. All an anti-semite is is someone who doesn’t accept Talmud-bloods telling them what reality is. The picture of the world they give us is often distorted and manipulative, and has malignant effects. The more you steep in this canon I’ve been putting together the sharper your awareness of what they’re doing to us and the more articulate you will get at reacting to it. From Aschheim alone there’s been a noticeable shift in my perception, it’s like getting laser eye surgery or something. Seeing them for what they are. Seeing that lies are the air they breathe. A people of pure filth. Pagans that found a cunning way to survive in the civilized world to this day. Something like a neanderthal.

Huh, so that’s what happened there

It turned out very quickly that Polish Jews saw only one thing in their equal rights with other Poles, but that at that moment a field of exploitation opened up to them on which they also rushed with all their strength and on which they began to work with the greatest energy. That field was the greater land ownership.

They looked at it as a form of theft because so much of their money was acquired through immoral means. About half of the six million were from Poland. Now 330 million Americans are forced to believe in leveling and live in a Pale, and the situation in Europe isn’t much different. The feudalism in Poland has been recreated here. Nothing against Slavs, they’re just not Germans or Anglos. The “host model” has been grafted from the Slavs, and its “parasite model” counterpart is from even further east than that. It is a middle eastern/eastern european ideology that they try to apply to Westerners and I for one notice how inapplicable it is. They aren’t as pliable as our old Polish serfs, time to mix them with monkeys. You know I’m so right about all this. “He is not right, my liege!”

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