Love to see this

Whoa, a breakthrough just happened.

On Z-library sometimes there’s a convert to TXT option

Remember that problem of triple-clicking text and only highlighting one line at a time? If you convert it to TXT and open it in google chrome it insta-translates perfectly. Need another method for Persian and cyrillic scripts. So at least Latin script world literature is unlocked now. I found an Arabic book called Jews of Damascus with this in the description

played a negative role in the economic crises of the Damascus governorate, for their use of roundabout methods to extort money from the population to collect vast wealth

Think of that if we go to war with them. A Persian take on their history in Poland would be good. “They did that to us too!” Reality is a video game on easy level with these people. The goyim are so retarded to not study the 109. Truly!

It looks like that nutcase Sacher-Masoch wrote stories about Galicia. The founder of masochism is from there? Hmm… He wrote between 1857-1895, what a time, for “our” purposes. He worked against anti-semitism, I wonder if he incorporates Franko and Franzos in his work. I mean, if he’s a masochist wouldn’t he like them? I wonder what he can tell us about the “Madams” of those brothels. If you’re stressed out about how much there is to read you’re not alone. It requires a great deal of otium to properly critique the ruling-class. Yep, finding lots of articles that mention all of them. Getting to know one of the proto-NYCs. Jeske-Choinski seems to have been disappeared moreso than Franko and Franzos. He refers to a “state within a state” in Warsaw. Reconstructing thee time in history they don’t want reconstructed. The Hyksos of Exodus? That has its place, it’s just not as visceral, too distant. The last Polish serf died in the 2000s. And according to Michalkiewicz there still exists a state within a state today. If the Ostjuden are anything like how Aschheim describes them (and it certainly seems they are) I want to know everything about this depraved Atlantis of theirs. To understand the “contributions” they make here. Look a book on this very subject of recreating their lost civilization

Maybe posthumans really will keep some to watch through glass at a zoo.

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