After futilely continuing to search for that confiscated history book I’ve settled on converting the 2019 pdf from here to TXT and it’s mostly understandable. Obviously I want the 1919 edition without the line-break problem. No one knows what they were doing there for a thousand years

The English wiki on this is all too thorough, I’m not going to be fooled. They’d make sure to slant this subject in particular more than almost any other.

The gravity of a statement like this

This “Haman Underground” member then asks, in light of this book, shouldn’t Israel be paying Poland?

Jeske-Choinski lived in both proto-NYC and proto-L.A. This HU person says this book is not only a history, it’s a psychological portrait. I’m seeing here in this preface what I just read some Polish poster say, that you shouldn’t trust, because Jeske-Choinski wrote more books on them than the ones shown on that. Adolf is emerging as a Lincoln figure the more I study Poland, he was trying to free them. Co Żydzi robili w Polsce (1920); Rząd Żydowski (1920). Note, this is the year he died. -rechecks wiki- Yep, they’re disappeared from there. 3 million dead Żydzi and no one knows why.


I’m reading this insta-translate while also consulting a pdf of the original

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