Plenty of films from Hollywood I would count as “true art”, don’t get me wrong, their talent can be harnessed, and that’s been part of my objective over the years, trying to convince people that if they channeled their spirit in directions not motivated by their traumas then they could do great things. Some days I lose all faith in them, other days I see myself as talking to a Strauss in hiding. The type of Jewry on display these days is exactly why the holocaust happened, and why it was deserved. “Why do you think we control things, we just know better.” Directly address the arguments I and other banned ones have made and maybe anti-semitism would go away. You can’t do that, that’s why it’s here. The way I see it, there is a truth higher than both cladistic talmudists and secular Christians. And no one can talk about that because of the fusion of these two. To such a degree that I have close to zero percent hope that you could ever stop caring about the infighting and instead look up to the heavens. It can be anything there, you just have to look. They can’t do that, they’re involved in medieval tribalism. Jews run the world and tell whites to believe they should be punished. Why, because you’re a nigger, as proven by history? “We don’t allow anyone to remark upon that claim.” Ah so nigger it is then. Some good movies some good movies -struggling to think of a Jewish name I respect- uhhh you did have uh do you know of any at the end of the day? I try to be objective. I think of Strauss before even Spinoza, and he himself invites anti-semitic criticism. You’re a talmud-blood, that’s what anti-semitism means, being against people who see you as people to exploit, steal from, kill. Where are all the anti-semites on the internet? Have the talmud-bloods killed them? I say we kill them instead. Nothing makes me happier than the thought of a jew being stabbed or shot. If Planet Earth were a person she’d say “Why does this cancerous tumor keep moving from country to country?” It does because no one questions it. Question it and you will cure the planet of it.

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