You’re still here? The one who feels like I’m talking directly to them when I say that if there were no laws I’d saw your head off and toss it somewhere for the raccoons to find? The one who it would be funny if when one of those raccoons was eating your brain through your neck its head got stuck in your skull and it scurried around wearing your head until it suffocated to death and someone found it in their lawn and your face had this look on it 😩

I’m just trying to solve the mystery of the century here, and I suspect that those books they disappeared from the will help us in that endeavor. I care about understanding reality. I like stories, I don’t like only reading the sequel and never the original. 1000 years in Poland, huh? Seems like we should know something about that given how special a place it is to us in our culture. Seems like one wouldn’t be mistaken to label it the moast speshul of all places. Why is that anyway? It’s so far away. And the people who live here that died there are such a minority too. Isn’t that strange to you? I just want to know what led to that. Seems like they would too in order to prevent from happening again? And yet? There’s almost something “Mecca” about Auschwitz, even though no one is expected to travel there. It’s a place always on the mind. Every thought has to start there. Every idea has to presuppose awareness of the evil of that. Do you understand why a philosophy-enthusiast would be interested in this subject? Anyone who “thinks” at all should be in my opinion. Why is it special? Why does it determine so much? What was that town like before that happened? This is better than any mystery novel. What’s that, Auschwitz was located in the “Galicia” region? Where’s that, I never heard of that. What was Galicia like? Who is Bertha Pappenheim? Ivan Franko? Teodor Jeske-Choinski? Thinking is what distinguishes us from animals, and this place is supposed to determine our thinking, wouldn’t you say that understanding it is of some importance? “I don’t care about thinking.” Uhh…? I saw a Żyd just the other day explicitly say that people simply shouldn’t ask questions. Why? I only read the second book of the series, how am I supposed to understand the plot and the characters? What’s that, I live in a country controlled by some of those characters? I’d like to understand them.

What does Choiński say about the first book in the series?

So what happened so extremely “monstrous”?

What does Choiński say the “true disgrace of the 20th century” is?

He calls them Handlarzy żywego, or “Live merchants”, sellers of live goods.

He says the Jewish press is silent about it

Every year, human hyenas, trading in the life and soul of women

Who are these hyenas? I’ll give you a hint- the ones whose sacred book condones this sort of “business”. So Choiński confirms Bristow’s thesis that it was run almost entirely by Jews. You want to understand the place that conditions all of our thoughts? What led up to it? They confiscated his books from the shelves after the war and it still isn’t easy to access them today. So in conclusion, yes, I’ll saw your fucking head off. They still lead shiksas into lives of degradation to this day. It would be so sad if there was a holocaust in America. They’re only going to continue pretending the first book in the series doesn’t exist and doing basically the same things here that they did in Europe. I say we just put an end to these shtetlniggers.

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