It turns everything we’re supposed to believe upside-down

Want to know why the enforced ideology is so similar to a bowl of gruel? Because you are perceived as a being with the worth of someone who could be sold as a slave. Choiński called this trafficking industry the greatest disgrace of the 20th century. The greatest disgrace of the 21st century is that we are brainwashed to believe the people responsible for it are saints and that we all collectively need to feel guilty about the holocaust and slavery. That’s a good one, slaver! If you ever wonder why you don’t have freedom of speech it’s because they don’t think you deserve it, they see you as someone who is slave material. Maybe slave material exists- it’s not whites. Our political order, without exaggeration, revolves around identifying with the depiction of the goyim in the Talmud. Jews are allowed to lie to you and cheat you. They’re allowed to fabricate any reality they want you to believe because you exist only for them. The human traffickers all moved here and started trafficking us ideologically. Don’t you feel used? How’s it feel to be a pious Talmudist all your life? Following the orders of human traffickers who erased the history of their crimes? And the fact that you’ll be using one of their newspapers as a blanket under a bridge if you bring up how they disappeared someone like Choiński? Sounds like the vilest criminals who shouldn’t be alive. You want children growing up in a world where human traffickers teach them to hate themselves? You’re living in that world at this very moment. You are nothing to these “Live Merchants”, you are even worse than nothing, you are a demon in the body of a human just like the Talmud teaches. Do you feel like a demon? Or do you see who the true demon is?

“And do you know who owned those boats?”

“Wait they were still in the business of selling human beings in the 20th century??”

“Wait, the US mysteriously feels like a slave-state in the 21st??”

The Polish internet has some interesting things to say about Bristow’s book

the Polish peasant was hostile to the Jew not only because his ancestors had killed Jesus Christ 1,900 years earlier. He had – as it turns out – much more prosaic reasons not to like these Jews very much, specifically his daughter, niece, nephew exploited by a Jewish pimp or a livestock trader

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