Oh this is good

Even when the Talmud was edited they still circulated documents amongst themselves of what had been omitted, according to Israel Shahak. In Russia they’d replace the word “goy” with “Egyptian” and still know the original meaning, i.e. still know they were thinking about Russians. Shahak appears to be another traitor for the collection who finks on the Finkelsteins. On the first page of this book I learn that Harry S. Truman was bribed with a briefcase of 2 million dollars to recognize Israel. “Are you even capable of not talking shit?” Clearly not.

Bizarre case-study

Needless to say, Israel’s authorities deplore Shahak. But there is not much to be done with a retired professor of chemistry who was born in Warsaw in 1933 and spent his childhood in the concentration camp at Belsen.


The Washington Post declared Shahak dead while he was still alive, and he went there and proved he was alive, and they didn’t correct the “error”. Always good to find a redeeming Jew.

This is the first time I’ve seen one say something like this

Shahak is a madman

The great authorities, such as Gershom Scholem, have lent their authority to a system of deceptions in all the ‘sensitive’ areas, the more popular ones being the most dishonest and misleading.

Qliphoth chapter? Qliphoth chapter? He has a book on the truth of Israel’s nuclear policy too.

How this explains everything about the present-day

Characteristically, the rabbis feared Jewish even more than general history, and the first modern book on history published in Hebrew [was] (in the 16th century)

I can easily imagine a book on the history of Christianity written by a Christian that’s as harsh and critical as the book in question. I can’t imagine one on Judaism that’s harsh and critical, in fact I’m thrown off guard finding this one. What does this mean? Jews are incapable of criticizing themselves. Inb4- Shahak is the exception that proves the rule. The master race can’t even criticize its own history.

This is so true – primitive Ostjuden

our totalitarian society has employed barbaric and inhumane customs to poison the minds of its members, and it is still doing so. (These inhumane customs cannot be explained away as mere reaction to antisemitism or persecution of Jews; they are gratuitous barbarities directed against each and every human being.

He doesn’t seem to be holding anything back, accusing his coethnics of being liars.

I never see them remark upon exo/eso like this

the rabbis – and even more so the scholars attacked here, and with them the whole mob of equally silent middlebrows such as writers, journalists, public figures, who lie and deceive more than them… they believe that it is their duty to lie for what they conceive to be the Jewish interest.

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