If this is true then I’m just done with them

Shahak says not to trust anything about their literature written in English. I keep thinking about Woody Allen, that was my old naive perception of them, thinking he expressed their essence. They want that. Or Seinfeld, I wonder why he’s not in Syria anymore.

This is from Choinski on the Live Merchants

Epstein, you broke from the tradition!

Similarly, Joseph Farrell speculates that bankers developed mnemonic memory tricks for remembering numbers so they didn’t have to write anything down and thus could get away with more–this could probably extend to merchants in general. Straussianism is only the beginning of understanding them in terms of exo/eso. Choinski says that attitude of secrecy began in Egypt, where only the priests knew the exact details of the state religion.

According to Shahak there are ranks of Jews and their brahmin-caste has expertise on the Gemarah in specific. I always have to note that this is important mostly for cladistic reasons. Walking Gemarahs.

Hodos doesn’t talk about this kind of thing

If a goy is reading this thinking “Hey, it’s me, I’m the peasant!” then they’d be correct. Remember the ruling-class of Khazaria converted to Judaism around 800. When that was dissolved they went north looking for new slaves. Fast-forward through various expulsions and eventually in Poland they kidnapped and sold off too many of their serfs, got caught, and were forced to flee west to find some new ones again.

What else would you like to call it? Publicly reflect on someone like Choinski’s side of the story and your life is over. It would be an under-statement to refer to it as “the Epstein problem” in Poland because Epstein wasn’t selling off girls into slavery as far as I know? That’s who rules over you, the same people who had him suicided. You have to loudly go out of your way to signal your support for them.

Guess where most of them here are from

Israel Shahak said it, not me. “We changed since then!” Denying it is pilpul part of the totalitarianism, try again.

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