I’ve never read anyone like Shahak before, no wonder they had wish-fantasies of him dying

There’s a few more Galicias, eh? Like I said, once you “go off the reservation” it’s like playing the video game on easy mode. If there was only one Galicia it would be a different story. So many times, they never learn. The same people who were guilty of white slavery in the same century I was born in control how people think today, I can’t get over that, can you blame me? They only care about themselves, it’s only an illusion that they care about POC and women, the latter of which in the Ost they kept uneducated and they even capitalized on using their own sisters as prostitutes. Sorry, you didn’t learn that in that Anne Frank book? Just awful people stuck in their ways, and we have to live with it. No thanks, all of you go to Israel where you have no host to parasitize except yourself, it’ll probably do you some good. “Self-reflection, self-criticism? Who, me?” Just go, everyone will be happier if you do that, except you, which is why you don’t do it. 100% correct political opinion vs. the 0% correct political opinion you try to enforce on us. The TOS are either go there or you’re dead. You have your own country again, how about you prove to the world that you deserve to govern others by first showing them that you can run your own country! Obviously you can’t, because exile-neurosis, and you choose to impose that mental illness on everyone else, because you cheated and created a money-printer, how shameful. What a kike. Can someone convince me why their heads shouldn’t be sawn off? I’ve never seen a reason, and I’ve looked, thoroughly. Anguished decapitated faces in a ditch where raccoons scurry to feed. You’d probably be worth more as nutrients in raccoon shit in the soil. “Going off the reservation” it’s really easy, everyone should try it.

Israel Shahak again

And in no other country except Poland did the Jewish community wield such great legal powers over the Jews or used them so widely and publicly, including the power to inflict capital punishment.

The Westjuden can’t even do that, because they have this in their blood, try to disagree with mainstream jewry and see what happens. See what happens? I discovered the holocaust-survivor Shahak and respect him more than 99.9% of Jews alive today. And he still doesn’t go far enough. What was the world like for 3000 years? We don’t have an accurate book to portray it. He at least approaches that. You think I’m a demon in a human body, I have news for you.

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