Need wife, send wife. Seems like such an adult concept. To be honest it seems the cultural vibe is opposed to it. They want us all atomized, “wandering”. Pay me to burn the system to the ground. I’m going to return to the academy to be a professional fraud and have a wife who loves me because I’m respected by accepted society. A lot to look forward to in life. Hi I’m a professional fraud and my wife loves me because I’m a sell-out, oh I’m not allowed to start class that way? No, there’s a lot to look forward to in life, watch, I can think of five things off the top of my head. … … … Wait wait I WILL think of something eventually! I wish I’d get a concussion then begin to focus on Greek tragedy plays or something like that. No wife who loves me for who I am, no available career that wouldn’t make me feel ashamed to waste my life on, the modern world is a joke. It’s like you have to choose to live in a delusion. Yeah honey I really love you when you love me for being a sell-out, real respectable pair. Fuck all of you. Who else is actively hostile to their readers? It makes me laugh.

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