See, this is what I want to know about too, the pre-Pale

Shahak said retarded haha. We love our retards don’t we folks. The sense I get from him is “You want Bergen-Belsen to happen again?!” It’s strange how few turned out like him. Way too much narcissism with this people. “Everyone else is to blame!” So, the place with the most Żyds lagged behind England and France, I’m guessing it was a coincidence. “Of course it was.” China going beyond us could be blamed on absolutely no one too, right? No one, no one, can’t think of anyone.


This process was accompanied by a debasement in the position of the Polish peasants (who had been free in the early Middle Ages) to the point of utter serfdom, hardly distinguishable from outright slavery and certainly the worst in Europe.

You ever get in a “jugular-biting” mood? We have been conned, it’s time to do something about it.

Shahak is the first honest one I’ve found to talk about their history. One person can’t redeem them all, a race of liars. Everything we’re forced to believe today relies on the history of Poland beginning in the 1940s.

Someone named Israel Shahak phrases it this way, not me

Outside the towns very many Jews throughout Poland, but especially in the east, were employed as the direct supervisors and oppressors of the enserfed peasantry

Bristow’s study begins in 1870. Were they much different a hundred years prior? The shiksa peasant whore of Eastern Europe has been imported. Thanks. Time to die.

Poland was the only big country in western Christendom from which the Jews were never expelled. A new middle class could not arise out of the utterly enslaved peasantry

Auschwitz! Think only of Auschwitz! You stupid slave.

The US incorporated a backwards feudal element in the 20th century.

Classical, contemporary

Shahak even says and I quote “five to six million”. It was 5,010,000, might as well round up.

This guy is amazing. What’s my ethnicity? How about being abused.

Their ethos is refuted. Wait a second, that’s happened every day for years and they stick with the same story. Thus, one option remains.

They were always privileged, and the peasants revolted against the nobility goyim as much as them. The narrative they tell themselves and us is nonsense. Even an outsider like Trump ended up doing more for Israel than the US, and that’s because they’ve chutzpah pilpul’d us into forgetting about this feudalism and the slave-trade that resulted in them being shoahed.

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