I can never know if anyone finds some of this stuff as funny as I do. I just laughed to the point of tears for the first time in a while thinking about that Arabic book I quoted a couple days ago

played a negative role in the economic crises of the Damascus governorate, for their use of roundabout methods to extort money from the population to collect vast wealth

What is so funny about it? And the 2 million dollar bribe to Harry S. Truman to recognize Israel I mentioned yesterday, that’s making me laugh my head off too.

Earlier seeing this made me mad, now I’m laughing about it

here an enslaved peasant is transformed into a racist monster

Not only to go off like a psychopath, not allowed to laugh, thus not allowed to have catharsis – how pent-up must people be? There’s a serenity to getting something off your chest, and when you laugh at what you’re not allowed to laugh at there is a cleansing effect. Cleansing is the wrong word to use there, that’s the best word to describe it though.

Anyway, looking for an honest book on Poland


at the time of the partition of Poland, about a million Ukrainians were the property of seven thousand Polish landowners, the richest of whom had up to half a million souls.

The peasants were called an equivalent of the n-word, Czerń. Perhaps чернь will help us understand жид.

Looks like there’s a historiographer by the name of Rafał Ziemkiewicz

They tried to ban it and labeled him an anti-semite for bringing something like that up of course. Never would’ve guessed this about Poland, huh?

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